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Our vision

How it all began

While instructing in "Haifa sailing"- A competitional club for young sailors, I've noticed that most of the children who show up, looking for fun and human connection. As a part of this special connection, which develops at sea between the guide and the sailors, the kids showed their difficulties and strength through the sail.


As I kept studying and exploring the sailing therapy world, I saw in the sea and in our meeting a unique opportunity to use the marine environment as an instrument to overcome obstacles and to strengthen powers. I find sailing, surfing and the sea a powerful instrument, which allows kids and adolescents to express in an experiential way, and to relate their strengths and difficulties in a none verbal way, and to see a change visually.


One child who sailed with me has a tendency for a disorder, and as he set sail, he forgot parts of his equipment on the shore. This wasn't the first he had forgotten his stuff, but now he has a real opportunity for a change. From this moment he understood his responsibility experientially and could have used this skill in other places.    


'In one boat' therapy center is giving emotional, behavioral and cognitive meaningful experiences and practical tools for kids and adolescents who find it hard to sit and talk, and need a different environment, open and enable growth.


We create a 'tailor-made therapy suit' for every family who applies to our center, according to the needs and goals of the parents and child.


Openness, clarity, and humaneness are the three corner-stones we relay in our work with the families, who let us observe and understand the child and his family through using his existing strengths in order to make a change in their life. 

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