Individual Therapy- One on one session of sailing and surfing therapy


Group therapy- Up to 7 participants in group sessions, sailing and surfing together. Building a team who can assist communicate and trust each other.


Diabetic therapy- Sailing or surfing together, parent and his\ her child, building a different relationship using the sea environment, and reinforce the connection.

Family therapy- Sailing as a family, observing the relationship in the family, and different roles in order to make a change. 

Our boats

Stand up paddle

A stand-up paddle (SUP) is a combination of a kayak and a surfboard. You can row with it and surf it. 

The SUP allows practicing stability and body balancing and giving the opportunity to relate anxiety and cope with 


The Motor-boat is a fast vessel which can handle dynamic sea conditions. The Motor-boat is designed for individual or group therapy and allows a space for planning and decision making, control and adjustment


The kayak is a stable vessel, easy to maneuver, and design to practice skills of control, eye-hand connection, and decision making. It allows a 'long distance running' and experiencing a safe and calm sailing 


The Caravelle sailing boat designed for group sailing or family therapy sailing. The Caravelle allows a special space for communication and different group roles, along with management and commanding skills


The surfboard is a board made of different materials which floating the surfer. It gives the surfer a sense of peace and concentration experience along with adrenaline and excitement. The surfing experience brings together different challenges such as waves, cold water, streams, and rocks. The surfing itself allows finding mind and body connections  

Optimist sailing boat

The Optimist sailing boat is designed for one or two sailors and constitutes good sailing skills. The optimist sailing boat gives the sailor a sense of control in the sailing direction and speed and allows a sense of space, concentration, and decision making